Future Recruits is a professional and recognised recruitment organisation specialising in the recruitment and retention of professionals in the engineering and technical fields. We are proud to be an innovative and entrepreneurial culture that embraces change.

Since 2014 Future Recruits has worked closely with our clients to deliver the best in recruitment services and sourcing. Our team’s collective experience, knowledge and expertise of these core markets allows us to play a key role in the world of recruitment, creating innovative and cutting-edge strategies for helping organisations find and hire the perfect professionals for their companies.

What We Do 

At Future Recruits, our team of highly-skilled consultants and recruiters apply their culmination of experience and knowledge in the engineering and technical fields to provide clients discrete, streamlined and efficient recruitment process that is guaranteed to save our clients time and increase cost effectiveness. The Technical and Engineering Industries are vital to many companies and businesses today; recognising this, Future Recruits tailors our recruitment strategies towards attracting candidates with experience and specialisation for roles such as Lean Engineers, CNC Engineers, Validation Engineers, BEM's Engineers, Health & Safety Managers, Project Managers, Applications Engineers and more.

The ever-changing landscape of the labour force, in addition to the issues of skill shortages and increased legislation, may pose difficulties for companies seeking new professionals for innovative roles. Future Recruits’ focus on its core manufacturing, engineering and technical markets enables the long term retention, management and development of its workforce, and is key to maintaining a competitive advantage.